Check out our menus below!

Main Menu

Our Main Menu is used for both lunch and dinner, and has everything from entrees through to desserts!

Takeaway Menu

The Takeaway Menu is a summary of all our dishes in a compact document. You can order both regular AND medium dishes for pick up. To see the full price range, please go to the Main Menu! And, sorry, but we do NOT do home deliveries! Only pick up!

Set Menu

The Set Menu is a banquet-style menu that is for Dine-In only. It is for parties of four or more people and is helpful to large groups that do not know what to order. Our Set Menu offers two options and is a great way to taste some of our most popular dishes!

Gluten-Free Menu

The dishes on this menu can be created gluten-free and with no change in price. Please make sure to notify staff which dishes you would like gluten-free when ordering.